The General rank is the rank that's the most difficult to earn.But when you have it you can be proud! There are two other ranks, new ranks! Major General and Elder General

Major GeneralEdit

The major general is the rank of the elite officer.They are here to help the new members with things or the difficulty the news will have.They are arround of (3-6) They have to really show an example,to listen the new people  help thems and try to stimulate thems.They cant be rude,or strict but if someone forget that they are Major general  they can be severe for a moment.

  • Walon Viper
  • Alesis Citadel
  • Lacuna Wolf

Elder generalEdit

The best of the best.They are THE elite. The squad have 3-7 members.They are the originals members.Exemple Rome Greger is there for a long time and we can call him elder.He is good at dual,course,leadership,he is kind so he is perfectly the best one.

  • Rome Greger       
  • Jack Nightwalker

    Rome and Jack at Umbara

    Commander Blitz

    An Elder General