Skull squadron's RankingSquad Leader(s)
  • Squadron Leader
  • Second Commander
  • Millitary leader
  • diplomatic leader

Generals(Theses specials ranks are not already officials

  • Elder General (NB Elders are elected by the squad Leader. There are only around 3-6 at any given time.
  • Major General
  • General 
  • Skull squadron's  Senior Commander
  • Skull squadron's  Commander


  • Trooper
  • Trooper
  •  Recruit This is the rank at which all new members begin their time in the squadron's  
Director 3


  • Directors
  • Squadron Councellor


All promotion is at the Squadron Leader's discretion and is not necessarily based on how long you have been in the Squad. However, you are more likely to be promoted if you show maturity and knowledge of the skull  rules and history, and treat your fellow members with courtesy and respect at all times.

You are not likely to be promoted (you may even be demoted) if you fail to show respect, or if you keep asking to be promoted.

-*Text Wrotten by JoskeyTheLegend Under the commander of Emilx Nightcaster