The badge the dude had on him

Joskey is a clone trooper from the commando tornade.CC-Joskey is a sergent.He have talents on the recruiting,the diplomatic,and the duals.He is respectfull to his superior.

Sergent joskeyEdit

He serve on the Charlie unit as a sergeant.He had a good pilots skills so,he became staff sergent.Joskey proved to his teamates that he is a really talants soldier with ressourses.He is perseverent,Carefull,he will never let his soldier die for him.He got asked to join the skull because of his power and skills of pilots.He fought Dooku! He got assigned to the ''Charlie 

Later than this, he became a members of the clone governement.He was now a minister.A day when a man with this badge on his chest.I asked him what was that and he told me(This,kid,it is the skull squadron!) The what? he did not awenshered me.