Cwa user- name Nickname Age(Optional) Rank Status Role and additional note
Rekoba Hope Hope Leader Unactive Head leader
Emilx nightcaster Em Leader Active (Head leader) Millitary leader
Emilly winterbreath Em Leader Active Diplomatic leader
Knives soulwar Leader Active
Rathia Alprider Leader Unactive
Alesis Citadel Ales General Unactive

Bella Cryolancer

Bella General Unactive

Jack Nightwalker


Elder General


Special Forces

(Emilx's main millitary Unit)

Lacuna Wolf Wolf General Unactive Initiator
Rome Greger

Elder general

Active Councellor(Millitary unit of Emilx)
Sakhamet Balhuri General Unactive
Syndic AAmryllthoki General Unactive
Walon Viper Wal Major General Active
Johnn comet General Unactive
Nightof  Terror General Unactive
Javed Skybomber Commander Unactive
King Coldnight King Commander Active
Liz weahde Commander Unactive
Lord Caden Lord Commander


JoskeyTheLegend Joskey 13 years old Trooper Active S0 Director(officially)