"Adam Heart and his Eagles are infesting the universe with corruption... we need to stop them and bring balance into the Force..."  -  Rekoba Hope.


We are at the Legacy Era. Were difficult times, the New Jedi Order fell and the Sith were growing in power each day.

[1]Caprille and Lansa HopeAjoutée par RekobaHope

Caprille and Lansa Hope were ace pilots and very important members of the resistance against the Sith and the New Empire. They knew each other in Coruscant and got married. I won’t distract you with the amazing story of these two great pilots because it’s another story... but i can tell you this: from that love born Rekoba and Oola, blue eyes male and female togruta who were the happiness of his parents.

[2]Rekoba HopeAjoutée par RekobaHope

Once... at one of their travels - working for the resistance - Rekoba’s destiny drastically changed... The family star ship called “The Interstella” failed and they had to make a forced land at one of the moons of the planet Izz in Endoras system. Unfortunately Caprille and Lansa died in the accident, but Rekoba and Oola survived.

The third moon of Izz was a big wood, with old tall trees, secret holes at the ground, small creatures jumping around, very cold, a forever dark night because the moon never face the star of this system. Only strong souls and people who were running from their past choose it to live. Was in the middle of this dark woods were the Force did Rekoba meet his master, a young human Jedi who had to exile herself after the fell of the New Jedi Order, waiting for the purpose that Force will bring to her. She survived several attacks from sith assasins using her special skills – for example stopping the time for a little while … and everything or everyone around of her! - giving to her an excellent performance in battle.

[3]The InterstellaAjoutée par RekobaHope

Was in that cold and dark night when Amethyst Saxk felt a disturbance in the force and ran out her house into the woods looking for something … or someone … the Force was guiding her until she found “The Insterestella” in flames. She opened a hole on the ship using her purple saber rescuing Rekoba and Oola alive.

[4]Amethyst SaxkAjoutée par RekobaHopeThat night... watching the flames covering "The Interstella"... Amethyst started to think about how intense is the Force in those both kids. She started to know in the deep of her heart that this is not a coincidence... maybe they are the purpose that Force had for her and she was waiting for so long in that lonely moon