Rome Gerger is a clone of the Republic Scientist Silas Rapshrieker, whom was killed when a Bounty Hunter toiled with his experiement to make the Republics First Super Soldier.


Rome greger behind Bo

                                Rome's Arrival

When Rome finally got off the planet he crashed on he joined the Death Watch on Carlac. He met Pre Vizsla face to face abd told him his story.            Death Watch

In Death Watch, Rome would loyaly serve under Pre Vizsla. Though when two Zarbrack brothers were found in the Mandalore Sector, named Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Rome would have to make a tough desission

Vizsla and the brothers teamed up though, Vizsla was planning to overthrow them once an for all. His plan failed. After imprisonment, the brothers broke out and went after Vizsla. Maul challenged him to a duel for the title of Mandalore, and Vizsla lost. he was decapitated by his own blade. The Death Watch bowed down to them, though Rome and Bo Katan refued along with half a dozen others. They got into a battle but they ultimately escaped.


                                                            Vizsla's Death

After Vizsla died, and Rome left with Bo Katan, Rome left the Death Watch behind. He moved to Corusant, and by this time the jedi were tracking him. When they found him they captured him and gave him two choices. They were to rot in prison or to join as a clone again. Of course Rome said join back and secretly the jedi were hoping he would say that. He was assigned to the piloting group Skull Squadren, under command of Rekoba Hope, Emilx Nightcaster, Rathia Hope , well technicly that would be her last name, and Emily Winterbreathe. He also helps a jedi general named Jamillia Kragdreamer.