Welcome to the home page of the Skull Squadron, a squad of Pilots in Clone Wars Adventures.

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What is the Skull squadron??

We are a squad in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures with almost 100 members. Our squad is exclusively for players who are Good players

More information on the squad  can be found here.

What does the Squadron do?

The Squadron takes part in missions across all of the Combat Zones. There are also weekly Guild Meetings and Hunts. It is a place where you can meet fellow Mandalorians.

Who founded the ?squadronWho are its leaders?

The squad was founded by Rekoba Hope . It is now led by Emilx Nightcaster  alongside his second-in-command, Rome Greger and several other Elder Generals.

Who else is in the squadron?

A list of notable squadron  members can be found here.

Can I join?

You can't join if:

  • The Guild has too many members or is not currently recruiting
  • You have been barred from the Guild for any reason
  • The CWA account you want to join with isn't your main account
Can I join if I'm not a Jedi Member? Yes, you can, however we are unable to promote non-members beyond Trooper as the game does not allow this. What Battle class / Battle class rank do I have to be to join? 

We welcome members with any Battle class or Battle class rank, however Mercenary or Trooper is preferred.

How do I join the squadron?

Entry into the squadron is subject to passing a test on squad History and Knowledge, and having not been banned from the squadron before.

How is the Guild organised?

The squadron is organised into a hierarchy of seven different ranks. Essentially, each squad rank (except Trooper) is divided into two sub-ranks. Information on these may be found hereHow can I be promoted? Promotion is based on several factors. If you display good  knowledge, behaviour, leadership, and respect for the squadron rules and its members, there is no reason you shouldn't be promoted in time. There is no direct entry into positions of power. All new members will start their life in the squad as a Recruit.  Most importantly, do not ask for a promotion! This greatly decreases your chances of ever being promoted.    What are the Squad  rules?  The Squad rules can be found here. Further Questions If you still haven't found the answer to your question, please ask us here. The contact form is at the bottom of the page.