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The skull squadron!

Welcome to the Pilote squadron.  This division got this name because everywhere they passed they just left skull's behind them.  They are the death messengers; they are the skull squadron!

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The skull squadron is a squad of pilots lead by Rekoba Hope and Emilx Trix Nightcaster.  They have a honor code, A special gears,and alots of more!

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Rekoba Hope,Emilx nightcaster,Rathia Alprider Emilly watherbreath,and knive souwart are the heads of command of the squadron

The leaders are the best one that you can have!
Adam and Brooke Heart in jail ..

Adam and Brooke Heart in jail ... again XD

War eagles does not have a chance...

Dark Nebula at the Senate

Dark Nebula at the Senate


Joskey( Formal member of the squad) Is now in the shadow mandalorians as a commander.