The skull squadron

Skull squadron
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It was a dark time in the leagcy era. Especilly for the pilots returning from the war. There were two torguta pilots. Caprille and Lansa Hope. They had to kids. Oala and Rekoba Hope.


To be promoted you need to earn your rank.You dont know how? well let me show you!

  1. Be online often.
  2. Listen to the higher ranks and respect them.
  3. The important rule is Never Ever asking for a promotion and dont bother the leaders about it.
  4. Respect each others and dont be rudes with the people that are a low rank than you.
  5. Accept the decision of the leaders and live with that. (Unless you think we are leading you in blindly then speak up.) 
  6. Don't be afraid to speak up with your opinions and ideas!

Events tournament and trainning!Edit

The events are some missions they are doing when the squad are alot to be online! The squad is lead by the leaders of the squad and seconded by the generals.They can do the event at Umbara,Carlac, and even at Felucia!  The trainnings are anytime at Emilx Nightcaster's House.  Learn how it's done with the demonstration of trooper Joskey.

  1. A little jogging around the building. (8 turns some times)
  2. You try to do the course.PS only Emilx, Emilly, and another have done it before.  Becareful though because Joskey did not knowing of the gravity on the Asteroid Lot.

You have to do all of this(PS)i am not in the last place i am just in the up of the tower! dont do this and then tell emilx you did because i know someone who will be unhappy



You can always ask a leaders or a general,if you have some trouble, for little advise that can help you in duals on the course or even about the squad! Normally the trainning is one hour and then Emilx say:Ok the training is done, so for the one's who want to leave you can! So then after this you can go, make duals or even continue to do the course!

The Tournaments!Edit

The tournament is at the house of Emilx Nightcasters in the main building on the first floor. So now you there and you put the squad gear on only if a leader tells you too.  Most the time it is free gear during this event.  You go there and then you choice the best weapon that you with to fight with it and a leader will tell the first fighters and so on.  The one who wins all the game is the winner.  The last winner of this event was Rome Greger and second place winner was Joskey TheLegend.

The dual place!